National Club Census

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The ​2015 national study of the Australian club industry has revealed that clubs make a socio-economic contribution of almost $10 billion every year.

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Club Census: Fast Facts

Clubs are popular with the people of Australia

  • There are 6,413 clubs located across Australia in metropolitan, regional and rural communities.
  • There are 13.2 million club memberships held across Australia.

Clubs create economic prosperity

  • In 2011, the industry generated combined revenues of $12.2 billion.
  • The total economic contribution (value added) of Australian clubs is valued at $8.3 billion.

Clubs enhance local communities

  • Each year, clubs mobilise more than 183,000 community volunteers.
Australian clubs provide an

estimated $5 billion in social contributions; and build and maintain sporting facilities such as bowling greens, golf courses and tennis courts.


Clubs pay their fair share of tax

      • Australian clubs paid $2.6 billion in taxes to local, state and federal revenue authorities. 
      • Gaming machine tax represents the largest single form of taxation levied on the Australian club industry excluding GST.

      Clubs employ thousands of Australians

      • ​172,000 jobs are supported by the club industry.  
      • Clubs spend close to $26 million on formal training and development.